Specialised in sustainable solutions for waste, vermin and dog poo

BINsystem has extensive knowledge of and experience with problems and sustainable solutions in the field of litter, vermin and dog poo nuisance. Our solutions are distinguished by long service life, vandal resistance and zero maintenance. Customisation regarding colour, design and the like are certainly within our capabilities, surprisingly affordable and quick to deliver.

Standard solution or customization at BINsystem

During consultations with our customers, including (municipal) governments and sports associations, it often emerges that a product from our wide standard range offers an excellent solution. As said: a small adjustment or full customization is also possible with us. We are happy to give you appropriate advice about the possibilities. After one of our consultants has thoroughly inventoried your wishes for a specific project, we will compile a tailor-made offer for you, stating:

Choice of the correct volume of the bin or another product from our range in combination with the location of placement
Colour scheme
Taking preventive measures to prevent damage from vandalism
Maintenance and repair

BINsystem: extremely customer and service oriented

You will notice it immediately when you are talking to an advisor from our head office in Soest (NL) or one of our 5 dealers / advisers throughout the Netherlands: we are extremely customer and service-oriented and act quickly. You want a standard product “tomorrow” at home? We will arrange it for you. With our compact sales / advice organization and fully automated production facilities in Asia, we can respond very quickly to your specific wishes. Do you have an impossible wish / requirement? No problem. Ten to one that we can serve you well, quickly and with a competitive price. Put us to the test.