BIN goal
BINsystem has developed the BINgoal in collaboration with the Dynamic Arts Foundation. The starting point of this special bin is to make cleaning up the mess on the playground fun. The idea is that children are more motivated to clean up clutter when it is not a “task” but rather a “game”. The BINgoal is partly placed underground and has an opening on the long side where the waste can be shot, thrown or swept. The part that is above ground can tilt with the help of a key, after which the inner box can be lifted up to empty.

BINsystem, Duurzame oplossingen voor afval, ongedierte en hondenpoep
Description Specification
Material Galvanised steel, with a durable powder coating
Material inner box Aluminium
Collection tray 500 mm high, 290 mm wide and 530 mm long, underground
Removable box 500 mm high, 270 mm wide and 510 mm long
Goal part 200 mm high, 300 mm wide and 600 mm long
Lock Easy to open and close with supplied key
Emptying By removable inner box
Colours Available in all RAL colours
Delivery After consultation