Stainless steel

Stainless steel litter bins

Available in sizes of 60 and 120 Litres.

The stainless steel litter bins for kitchens, laboratories or hospitals are of European design and
have been produced in solid quality.

The lid has been provided with a long-lasting and unique step mechanism that has been subdued by oil.

Where can it be used:

All food service establishments, such as restaurants and professional kitchens in company buildings as well as in hospitals.


  • 4 swivel castors with brakes
  • 60L- and 120L-versions


Descriptions Specifics
Material litter bin SST
Finish Brushed SST, varnish of a neutral colour
Measurements litter bin  60L 300 x 400 x 750mm – 120L 350 x 450 x 900mm
Lid  Subdued by oil