Litter bins

The modular system which can always be combined

BinSystem is a modular system of which a high-quality litter bin, the Bin, forms a key part. The Bin can be combined with several modules, which add extra functionalities to the Bin.

Our industrial litter bins can be delivered with different modules, These can be mounted in, on top of or underneath the litter bin which is placed in the centre. This way a wasp trap, a rodent trap, an ashtray, and/or a dog toilet module can be mounted. We can also deliver modular constructions for waste tissues, first-aid kits or fire extinguishers, among others.

This way, depending on the application and location, we can always offer the ideal configuration. The units have a high-quality finish and meet the highest quality requirements. The units are fit for integration into the existing streetscape as well as for more specific industrial applications.