With the BINswinger it is always a hit

The BINswinger is the eyecatcher of BinSystem. It has been given a solid design and it is very cost efficient as a solution for an effective way
of dealing with litter: ”the BINswinger”. Litter poses a considerable problem. There are several options to deal with this effectively. The
BINswinger is a perfect solution for this. Because of its steel design it is vandalism resistant as well.BINswinger_blik

Could you think of anything better than throwing your can or bottle away in an environmentally responsible way, for example, after a sports training or a fun day out? The BINswinger can contribute to this to a large extent.

Where to put them

  • Along sweets routes
  • sports facilities
  • parking lots
  • school yards
  • amusement parks
  • natural and recreational grounds


Material            : Design of heavy steel, vandalism resistant, galvanized in fire and provided with long-lasting powder coating.
Collection tray :
Depth 1,000 mm, front diameter 800 mm, back diameter 400 mm.
Edge sheet      :
Your own slogan or logo could be printed on this.
Front sheet      :
 Your own slogan or logo could be printed on this.
Side sheet        : 
Your own slogan or logo could be printed on this.
Lock                 : 
Easily opened and closed with universal triangular wrench.
Emptying           : 
On the back by using a lid with hinges.
Colours            : 
Can be delivered in all RAL colours.
Delivery            : 
Includes a concrete base.
Term of delivery     :
To be discussed.


50% more fill capacity because of its angle of inclination!